Student Support Services

We're Here to Help

The mission of Student Services is to prepare all students to contribute at the highest levels as productive members of society, through a partnership of empowered students, educators, parents or guardians and the community responsible for the learning process. Our goal is your success!   

Counselors (Licensed Professional)

Gary Moline          Career Counseling, Academic Counseling & Mental Health Referrals & 504 
Lara Roessler       Career Counseling, Academic Counseling & Mental Health Referrals & 504
Angie Pulera         Career Counseling, Academic Counseling & Mental Health Referrals & 504

English Language Learner Professionals   

Jason Iskow          Spanish Translation/Tutorial & Career-Related Assistance     
Alane Rozelle       Spanish Translation/Tutorial & Career-Related Assistance

Teacher Consultants

Sheila Boyd                        Students with IEPs
Joanne Fedewa                  Students with IEPs
Cinnamon Mellema             Students with IEPs

Work-Based Learning Technician

Denise Washington            Job Placements, Job Shadows, Internships

Global Career Development Facilitators 

Kara Frederickson-Borke     Program Visits/Career Assessments
Andrea Reynolds               Program Visits/Career Assessments

Responsible Thinking Facilitator

Danny Verbrugge            Parking Permits & Responsible Thinking Center Process

Support Staff

Tricia DeShane                Registrar 
Karen Riemersma            Receptionist