Students in Action

Check out our labs in this video by Robovent

Robovent provided the state of the art ventilation system we use in our labs. This video showcases our students at work, explains some of the benefits and focuses of the program, and demonstrates the importance of a good air quality system for student health and safety.

Meet Our Students

While the Welding program is new to our Tech Center, our instructors have been teaching welding for years. Some of their past students who've found success in the field, want to share their experience.

Cheyenne Kelly - Engineering Development Program Weld Engineer at John Deere

My journey started when I had to decide what program I wanted enroll in at my local Career Center. I decided to go to for welding and I can thank my career center for getting me off to a great a start. I not only learned how to weld many processes but I learned about these processes and the science behind welding.

After high school I enrolled at Ferris State University to find that the program was so popular that there was a wait list. The associate level of the program required many hours a day in the lab perfecting my welding abilities. Lots of experiments were done with different destructive testing methods. There was also a theory portion where I learned about the material I was using and calculations related to heat input and other topics. The bachelors portion of the program focuses more towards robotic and other automated processes and non-destructive testing.

Throughout my semesters at Ferris, career fairs and info sessions were non-stop. I was fortunate to accept a position as a summer employee at Benteler Automotive the summer between my sophomore and junior year. I was exposed to the automotive industry from the eyes of a weld engineer. For my internship the following year I was hired by Gill Industries. I spent almost every day with a Fanuc teach pendant in my hand programming. I walked away with more knowledge than I ever thought I would.

My senior year I interviewed for companies near and far. I had a handful of offers on the table by my last month of college. I accepted an EDP Weld Engineer position with John Deere. As an EDP I will spend 8 months in 3 different weld engineer positions before deciding where I would like to end up. 

I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life beside welding. The path wasn’t easy to achieve a Bachelors in Welding Engineering Technology but it was well worth it.