High School Credit


All Kent Career Tech Center programs offer .5 credit of Math and .5 credit of English.  The .5 Math credit cannot be used to replace an Algebra I, II or Geometry credit.  The .5 Math credit must be earned during the senior year and may be used for a senior Math requirement/credit.  The .5 English credit can be earned during the junior or senior year; and, may be used for any  9th-12th grade English credit.

Note: If a student attends the Tech Center for two years, a total of 1.0 English may be earned.


Students enrolled in a Career and Technical Education program may waive the second credit of World/Foreign Language and the third credit of Science per MCL 380.1278 a&b.


All Kent Career Tech Center programs meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum VPAA and OLE requirements.

Course Plus Information

Kent Career Tech Center students who need additional credits are eligible to complete one Course Plus course per semester at no cost to the student or their district.

Contact Deborah VanDyke 616-447-2477

  • More than 50 different course offerings
  • Content is designed to meet Michigan Merit Curriculum and Common Core Standards
  • Apex online platform with support from highly qualified, certified teachers
  • Completed outside of class time, except tests
  • Requires high-speed internet access
  • No cost to Kent Career Tech Center students or their districts
  • One course per semester
  • Open enrollment until November 1 for first semester and April 1 for second semester