Entrepreneurship & Marketing

About Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Explore the exciting world of marketing each day as you learn about current topics such as social media marketing. Learn keys to a successful business including advertising, store layout and design, international marketing, eCommerce, entrepreneurship, market research and customer service. Create sales and marketing materials and develop a real business plan. Find out what it's really like to work in marketing, advertising and business by working with local business owners who do it every day.

Marketing Course Guide

Course Features

  • Develop your own business plan
  • Create marketing surveys, flyers, business cards and ads
  • Explore the growing role of social media in marketing and business
  • Work in small groups/teams to complete projects and develop leadership skills needed in business

Intro to Marketing

In these year-long courses, students learn what it means to be successful employees and gain valuable skills they can use in work and life. Like our traditional programs, students learn in the classroom and then apply their knowledge through hands-on projects in our labs. Small class sizes, plenty of support and a just-right pace help students thrive and prepare for life after high school. 

Following a successful year, students have a selection of opportunities for their next step based on their needs and goals.

If working with people, products and money sounds exciting to you, explore the world of retail and marketing. 

Learn more about our Intro to Marketing program.

Program Highlights

Develop Your Business and Marketing Skills Explore social media, advertising and the creation of your own business plan while developing the leadership and teamwork skills needed in business
Work with Professional Design Software Level up your skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other vector image and logo design software
Earn College Credit Articulated credit with local colleges is available to eligible students who complete this program. Talk with your school counselor and instructor for more details.