Work-Based Learning Benefits

Benefits to students

  1. Improve academic achievement.
  2. Realize the relevance of their education and apply knowledge in a meaningful way.
  3. Explore career options.
  4. Increase self-confidence.
  5. Acquire real workplace experience and work readiness skills.
  6. Connect with an adult role model.
  7. Expand career opportunities for their future.

Benefits to Parents and/or Guardians

  1. Become partners in the education of their student.
  2. Collaborate with others assisting their student to make informed career choices.

Benefits to CTE Program and Instructor

  1. Improve academic achievement by participating students.
  2. Improve student motivation resulting in better attendance and graduation rates.
  3. Create lasting relationships with business partners.
  4. Provides opportunities for individualized instruction.

Benefits to Employers

  1. Better prepared employees who understand workplace expectations.
  2. Reduce recruitment and training costs.
  3. Derive value from students' work.