Program Visits & Career Development


Are you a student that belongs at KCTC?

YES, if you are a...


  • Hands on learner who likes to apply what you learn right away!
  • Student who enjoys group work and getting to know different people!
  • Student who enjoys one on one attention from your teachers!
  • Type of student who asks,“Why do I need to know this stuff?”
  • Type of student who gets bored easily!
  • Type of student who is self-motivated, a leader, and doesn’t fit “the mold!”
4000+ College Credits Earned for Free by Students Every Year
5000+ Professional Certifications Earned by Students Each Year
95% of Students Return to The Tech Center for a Second Year
Over 65 Sending Schools Represented at the Tech Center

KCTC offers a unique set of possibilities by providing free college credit and certifications to high school students in order to prepare them for a successful start in their career of interest.

Our Workforce Development team also works with local employers to match them with our talented students as they look to put their skills to work. Employers can visit the Workforce Development page for more information on how to get connected.

Jessica Bowers

Career Development Coordinator
Phone: 616.410.4482

Andrea Reynolds

Career Development Coordinator
Phone: 616.447.2433

Jasmin Dykstra

Career Development Facilitator
Phone: 616.447.2450