Work-Based Learning

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Learn as You Work

Michigan Department of Education defines the term Work-Based Learning to mean sustained interactions with employers or community professionals in real workplace settings, to the extent practicable, or simulated environments at an educational institution that foster in-depth, first-hand engagement with the tasks required of a given career field, that are aligned to curriculum, instruction, and CTE Program standards. Michigan Department of Education indicates the following three components must be included to be classified as a Work-Based Learning experience:

  • Involvement of industry partner or employer
  • Centered around CTE task or competency
  • Sustained or on-going task partnership with industry partner in Career Preparation and Career Training experiences

Kent Career Tech Center Work-Based Learning is committed to working alongside instructors, counselors, administrators, parents, and community partners to provide quality education through extended learning experiences that connect acquired skills and knowledge to a student’s future. Work-Based Learning helps to narrow the gap between theory and practice by giving students the opportunity to apply current skills and learn new skills through the expansion of the classroom out into the community.

Work-Based Learning Vision Statement

To assist our students to discover and explore their interests and to equip them with the knowledge, technical skills, career and employability skills, and confidence necessary to successfully prepare them to be college and career ready, resulting in a career path of their choice.

Work-Based Learning Objectives

  • Provide quality opportunities for students to learn and apply a variety of skills by expanding the walls of the classroom learning to include the community.
  • Foster mutually reciprocal relationships with community partners to facilitate the connection between academic learning and real-world experiences.
  • Provide equitable access to Work-Based Learning for all students.
  • Work with instructors to increase and elevate student participation in Work-Based Learning experiences.
  • Increase students’ understanding and use of transferable career and employability skills (problem-solving, communication, timeliness, etc).
  • Align Work-Based Learning opportunities to program CIP standards.

Are you a KCTC student interested in an internship?

Internships are a great way to learn and apply the skills you have learned in your KCTC Program. Internships assist students in:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of the career by doing the job tasks.
  • Practicing communication, conflict, and teamwork skills while doing a job.
  • Practicing critical employability skills such as being on time and being productive.
  • Deciding if this is a career or not for them.

Partner With the Tech Center

We are always looking to expand our partnership base with area employers. To learn more about how you can partner with us, visit our Workforce Development page on the Kent ISD website.

Gregg Isenhoff

Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Full CTE Programs
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Work-Based Learning Facilitator, Intro Programs & CORE
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