Students in Action

Students have full access to the latest technology used in the design industry.

3D Printer: Students can create prototype models of their designs 

A male student is taking a white ABS plastic part out of a 3D printer. The part appears to be a house.  A variety of 3D printed parts, mostly white plastic, are arranged on a table top.This is the new rectangular shaped 3D printer that was purchased for the engineering program in 2018. A lid is open on the machine and a 3D printed part of an automotive piston is sitting in the opening.

Engineering Design Workstations: Dual screen engineering workstations and large-scale plotter

 A student in a wheelchair is working on a design project at one of the new workstations. Other students are also working in the background.This is a picture of the classroom's large-scale HP printer


 A female student is sitting at a workstation designing a part with technical images on the monitor screens behind her.Two male students are discussing design ideas or revisions to an architectural house model at a classroom workstation.