Program Overview

The Aviation Maintenance program is housed at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Students who are excited about airplanes, the airport environment, jet engines, helicopters and other aircraft components may be the perfect fit for this program. This program gives students the opportunity to earn national certifications.

Program Content

  • Disassemble, inspect, reassemble, and check airframes, engines, and components on actual aircraft in our hangar at Gerald R. Ford Airport
  • Start and taxi a single-engine aircraft
  • Operate a turbine engine
  • Perform system overhaul
  • Utilizes training equipment/simulators, i.e. hydraulic, landing gear, flight controls, wind tunnel, and environmental control systems.

Program Highlights

  • Your classroom is our own 20,000 square-foot hangar, complete with a variety of operational aircraft. 
  • You'll explore real world careers ranging from aeronautical engineering and aviation maintenance, pilot, air traffic controller and more.


  • Foreign Object Elimination Certification
  • AAA - Aerospace/Aircraft Assemblers Certification