Program Overview

Our Automotive Technology Program is certified by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence). ASE facilitates the certification of technicians, career centers and universities all across the nation. Students who are excited about cars will explore two content areas each year that they attend the KCTC.

Program Content

Our team teaches all 8 automotive repair areas to the Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) standards as approved by ASE Education Foundation. Although we are teaching the 8 areas of automotive repair we will focus on 4 of the areas over a two-year period. These 4 areas will be taught to a higher level than MLR. The areas with the higher level are listed below.

  • Brakes: Future technicians will fabricate brake lines, machine rotors, bleed brakes, check and diagnose issues with the ABS system, diagnose poor stopping, service disc and drum brake systems.
  • Engine Repair: Future technicians will disassemble, measure components, and reassemble a school-provided automotive engine. The engines are expected to run at the end of the semester.
  • Suspensions: Future technicians will be introduced to wheels and tires, steering and suspension components, as well as diagnosis and repair of suspension components. They will set up vehicles on industry-standard alignment equipment, and be capable of performing diagnostics, repair and alignments.
  • Electrical: Future technicians will be introduced to electrical theory and will perform tasks related to the modern electronic systems found in today’s vehicles. The ability to read and decipher wiring diagrams, understand voltage drop, as well as current and voltage relationships will be covered.

In addition, future technicians taking the classes above will also have exposure to the following areas will be taught at the MLR level: Manual Transmissions, Engine Performance, Automatic Transmissions, Heating & Air Conditioning.

Program Highlights

  • Use the latest technology and tools to diagnose and repair cars
  • Work on a wide variety of donated vehicles
  • Prepare for college and industry training
  • Take two State certification tests per year
  • One-year students specialize in two of the 4 classes available. Either Brakes and Engines or Suspensions and Electrical.
  • Two-year students will specialize in all four areas: Brakes, Engines, Suspensions and Electrical.


  • State Mechanics Certification
  • ASE Student G1
  • SP2 Safety Certification
  • Valvoline Certification
  • AC Delco Certification