Students in Action

Student Testimonial 

Devon Secord-Chambers, Lowell HS

I decided to enroll at KCTC because I wanted to learn more how to become a tool maker, and overall working with metal. When I heard KCTC had a course for me I was more than excited to enroll. I have loved it since day one, the teacher is patient and caring about us and our projects. I have learned a good amount of skill for when this year is done so I can go get a job in my field of study. I have always wanted to be an engineer since I was a kid, and this class helped me put that goal more toward a reaching goal than having to go college and spend thousands or hope some place takes me for an apprenticeship.

The class teaches you school is like work, you have to show up and you need to do your work, you cannot lollygag or goof off. There are expectations everyone needs to complete. It also brings about creativity to how we do things, there is no set given path to parts we make, we start each part how we want to start our part. Since I have been in the class I am now paving out my future job(s) and hope I can always work on the machines I had learned to love.