Program Overview

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Our Hospitality Departmental goals include:

  • Making students college or career-ready at program completion.
  • Providing opportunities for students to obtain industry-recognized professional certifications.
  • Making post-secondary education as affordable as possible to students by providing college credits by articulation agreements, dual enrollment programming and available community/department scholarship funds.
  • Providing opportunities for students to exit the program as completers for the State of Michigan and have completed the required knowledge and competencies at a proficient or advanced level.
  • To continue to reduce the footprint of the Hospitality Department and to have students understand the importance in running a green kitchen.

Continuous Improvement Data - 2022-23 School Year

State of Michigan CETEIS Data
  • Concentrators - 128
  • Completers - 38
  • Concentrator with Job Placement - 92.2%
KCTC Department Graduation Data
  • ACF Certified Fundamental Cook (CFC) - 11
  • ACF Certified Fundamental Pastry Cook (CFPC) - 23
  • % of Graduating Students with ACF Credentials - 72.3%
  • ServSafe Food Handler Certifications - 114
  • ServSafe Manager Certifications - 11
  • ServSafe Allergen Certifications - 25

This data reflects the high number of students that complete our program with an industry-recognized credential and the percentage of students that continue to post-secondary education, apprenticeship programs, military service or enter the workforce.