Program Overview

The Goal:

Every student in Michigan deserves an excellent teacher. The Teacher Academy at the Kent Career Tech Center believes that great teachers can positively impact the lives of students, families, and communities. Unfortunately, Michigan currently has a shortage of highly qualified teachers. This means that many students don't have access to the great education they deserve, especially those suffering from economic and racial disadvantages. This is why we work to make sure that diverse and highly trained teachers are ready to lead Michigan classrooms. 

Our Approach:

We recruit a diverse group of 11th and 12th grade students who are excited about a career in education. Our students are partnered with mentor teachers across Kent County and serve as student teachers in all kinds of subjects, settings, and grade levels. Students receive ongoing training, support, and evaluation from the Tech Center during their time in local classrooms. After successfully completing the program, students are well prepared to be classroom paraprofessionals and can be eligible for college credit.

Key Program Highlights:

Student-teachers benefit from the following program features:

  • Participate in a weekly course at KCTC to develop skills in classroom management, instructional planning, and instructional delivery
  • Get actual classroom experience in a range of subjects, settings, and grade levels, preparing them for a high demand and high paying career
  • Can be eligible to receive college credit
  • Can conduct their field experience in a range of settings, and do not need their own transportation to participate in the program