Don Henderson, Instructor

Hello! My name is Don Henderson.

Special professional interests

Culinary Community Ice Carving, Chocolate Work, Austrian and Sculpted Wedding Cakes

Industry experience/background

26 years in the Commercial Hospitality Industry, 15 years as a Vocational Educator.

Your favorite thing about being a teacher

I love to watch students get excited as they start to get it, then develop vocational skills and mature into young adults with a specific set of skills. Watching my whole class cry during onion cutting day isn't too bad either!

Your favorite thing about KCTC

Working with Vocational Instructors, CTE specialists, and Facilitators, who are talented, experienced and have skills particularly suited to our student population. The second year WBL Facilitators and Skill Trainers, who seek to forge a partnership with Community Businesses and Organizations to further KCTC student's growth and development, with the goal of seeking employment. And last but not least, the Administration and office staff is top notch and seek to provide top drawer support to Staff and KCTC students alike.

  • College(s) attended: GRCC, Ferris, GVU
  • Degrees: Bachelor of Science
  • Family: 1 Son (18), 1 Wife
  • Pets: Cat (Scruffy)
  • Hobbies: Skiing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Music -Guitar, Working on my Kitchen
  • Favorite vacation: Hawaii - Maui
  • Favorite sports team: Whoever is winning at the time.
  • Other: I am fascinated with organizing.