Partners and Career Resources

Agencies We Partner With

Our Partners

The KCTC Criminal Justice Program partners with the following agencies to enhance students' real world learning -

  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • United States Secret Service
  • FBI
  • ATF
  • TSA
  • Walker Police Department
  • Wyoming Police Department
  • Kent County Sheriff's Department
  • Kentwood Police Department
  • Grand Rapids Police Department
  • Rockford Police Department
  • East Grand Rapids Public Safety
  • Grandville Police Department
  • Michigan Department of Corrections
  • 61st District Probation
  • Kent County Juvenile and Tether Surveillance
  • Amway Protective Services
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Ferris State University
  • Grand Valley State University

Career Mentor Program

Our career mentor program connects students with industry professionals including Special Agents with the US Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, FBI, ATF as well as local police officers from the Metro Grand Rapids Police Departments. Students will also be exposed to probation/ surveillance officers, lawyers and correction officers from Kent County Courts, Kent County Correctional Facility and Michigan Department of Corrections.

Criminal Justice - Career Resources

We are proud to present the Career Mentoring Program consisting of special agents, police officers, parole/probation/tether surveillance officers, correctional officers as well as lawyers and military officers. Through this program students interact and are mentored by people in the Criminal Justice Industry. Students gain knowledge and professionalism while pursuing their future dreams.