Biomedical Technology & Research

Biomedical Technology & Research at Kent Career Tech Center

About Biomedical Technology & Research

Biomedical Technology professionals use a combination of biology, medicine and technology to improve medical science, medical equipment and the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

  • Dig into cell structure & function – re-engineer cells to stop a simulated outbreak while working in a GVSU lab
  • Isolate DNA & study new technologies in genetics using electrophoresis
  • Mutate, grow & study microorganisms for pharmaceutical use

Successful completion of this course is now equivalent to Freshman Biology at GVSU! This gives students a head start on their college career, lightening the course load freshman year and earning credits in advance.

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Program Highlights

Explore the Medical Mile Visit & tour a variety of clinical & lab environments along the “Medical Mile”
Work with Professional Researchers Work alongside actual medical researchers & propose a cure for a real disease
Earn College Credit Articulated credit with local colleges is available to eligible students who complete this program. Talk with your school counselor and instructor for more details.

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