Want to be a KCTC Student?

Maybe you've heard your friends talk about the Tech Center or heard a presentation at school. Or maybe a teacher/counselor told you to check us out?  Whatever the reason, we hope the information throughout our website gives you a better idea of what happens here at KCTC and the different types of programs we offer. When you're ready, come visit us in person!

Plan now for our springl open house - March 9, 2017 5-7 pm

Current 10th and 11th Grade Students:

To experience a typical day in a specific program, sign up for a program visit with your school counselor. If you need help setting this up, call us at 616-447-2433.

Middle School Students - 9th Grade Students:

High school graduation is not as far off as you think, so the time to plan is NOW. Although program visits are not yet an option for you, we encourage you to visit us at our Community Open House, held in October and March. Check our calendar for specific dates.

We Are The Tech Center! from Allison Kaufman on Vimeo.