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Think You Know the Tech Center?

KCTC is no longer the "Skills Center" your parents remember.  We've reinvented and redirected our programs. All our students are preparing for college or post-secondary training. They're earning college credits through direct credit and actual college courses right on campus. And more of the high school credits students earn are now in the core subjects (math, science, language arts) .

KCTC students do amazing things every day. From running a restaurant/bakery, operating jet engines and flying simulators, designing and building computer networks, to using medical equipment and performing tests on actual patients, our students do it all. If you haven't seen KCTC in a while, come visit our main campus or any of our six satellites. You won't believe what you've been missing! 

CTE makes the difference.

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  • Program visits begin October 13th! Please contact Tricia DeShane for more details.

  • Use the PowerSchool link to the right to access your student's grades and attendence.