High School Credit

Attending the Tech Center is a great way for students to earn high school academic credit and gain real world experience at the same time. In fact, our students can earn credit in Math, English Language Arts, Science, World Language and can check off their Online Learning Experience (OLE) and Visual, Performing and Applied Arts (VPAA) requirements.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, every one of our programs has either a half or full credit of Math embedded in its curriculum. Plus, with changes made to the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) in 2014, students can receive a full Science or World Language credit for completing almost any of our programs, regardless of the program's content.

To help you understand the changes made to the MMC in 2014 and how they affect CTE programs like ours, we've put together the following packet of materials.

Sample Schedules

High School Credit Equivalency

Course Plus Information

KCTC students who need additional credits are eligible to complete one Course Plus course per semester at no cost to the student or their district.

Contact Deborah VanDyke 616-447-2477

  • More than 50 different course offerings (see handout)
  • Content is designed to meet Michigan Merit Curriculum and Common Core Standards
  • Apex online platform with support from highly qualified, certified teachers
  • Completed outside of class time, except tests
  • Requires high-speed internet access
  • No cost to KCTC students or their districts
  • One course per semester
  • Open enrollment until November 1 for first semester and April 1 for second semester

Enrollment Information 

Counselors will be able to provide information about your specific graduation requirements and coordinate enrollment with the KCTC.

Michigan Department of Education Superintendent Mike Flanagan discussed Career Tech Education and academic content.


Click here for State Superintendent Mike Flanagan's Memo regarding academic credit in CTE programs.