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Enrollment Process for Local High school students


  • Student should discuss graduation requirements with his/her high school counselor to be sure the student is on track.
  • Attending Kent Career Tech Center’s Fall or Spring Open House with a parent is important as they provide an overall glimpse of the Tech Center’s unique hands on learning environment.
  • Student should sign up for an individual Kent Career Tech Center Program Visit with their local high school counselor.
  • A program visit is vital for success. Through a program visit, students are able to experience our programs first hand to see if it is a solid fit for them.
  • High school counselors are responsible for enrolling students.
  • Phase 1 enrollment begins early February through end of March.
  • Enrollment will be confirmed in early May.
  • Enrolled students should participate in the New Student Orientation in early August.  This allows students and parents to meet the Tech Center’s administration team as they discuss expectations for a successful school year.

Home Schooled Student Enrollment Process


  • Contact our Career Development Facilitators to schedule a program visit at 616-447-2433.
  • E-mail the registrar Tricia DeShane to set up a time to complete the enrollment form.
  • Please provide the following information when submitting your completed enrollment form:
  • A Birth Certificate (the certificate will be viewed but a copy will not be retained).
  • Proof of Residency (2 pieces).  This can be a driver's license, utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement.
  • Custody agreements or restrictions if applicable (a copy of these documents will be retained).
  • Enrollment will be confirmed in early May.

Home School Enrollment Form

Posted Grades/Report Card Dates:


  • October 25th (Quarter 1 grades posted)
  • December 28th  (Quarter 2/Semester 1 grades posted)
  • March 21st  (Quarter 3 grades posted)
  • June 6th  (Quarter 4/Semester 2 grades posted)

Link to a the video to help you create your PowerSchool parent account

Michigan Dept of Ed Core Performance Indicator Descritpions:

Core Performance Indicators are measures that the Michigan Deparment of Ed uses to measure CTE. 

General Information:

Main Office Hours

6:30 AM - 3:00 PM Monday - Friday

Session Times

1st Session: 6:55 - 9:10
2nd Session: 9:15 - 11:30
3rd Session: 12:00 - 2:15