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New!  Parent Advisory Committee

One of our primary goals at Kent Career Tech Center is to better engage parents as stakeholders in the continuous improvement initiatives of the Tech Center.  While overall our parent satisfaction is strong, there is a desire by many parents to know more about what is happening “daily” in the Tech Center classrooms and labs, better accessibility to a “live person” answering the phone in the Tech Center main office, and more information/opportunities on how to volunteer or be more directly involved with the school.  Studies reinforce the importance of parent stakeholder involvement and the power of parent-to-parent support systems that can exist in schools.  For these reasons, we will again continue with a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for the 2017-2018 school year.

We hope to assemble a core group of 20-30 parents of current Kent Career Tech Center students who are willing to commit to a monthly one-hour meeting to share and discuss their insights, experiences, and suggestions as a Tech Center parent. Our desired goal is to develop a “Kent Career Tech Center Parent Compact” and a list of actionable items to support better parent communication and parent awareness of happenings in the Tech Center classrooms and labs; solicit parent feedback; identify parent volunteer opportunities and build a “parent-to-parent” network.

If you are interested in obtaining information for this committee, please contact us via “Let’s Talk” on the left of this page.

Enrollment Process for Local High school students


  • Student should discuss graduation requirements with his/her high school counselor to be sure the student is on track.
  • Attending Kent Career Tech Center’s Fall or Spring Open House with a parent is important as they provide an overall glimpse of the Tech Center’s unique hands on learning environment.
  • Student should sign up for an individual Kent Career Tech Center Program Visit with their local high school counselor.
  • A program visit is vital for success. Through a program visit, students are able to experience our programs first hand to see if it is a solid fit for them.
  • High school counselors are responsible for enrolling students.
  • Phase 1 enrollment begins early February through end of March.
  • Enrollment will be confirmed in early May.
  • Enrolled students should participate in the New Student Orientation in early August.  This allows students and parents to meet the Tech Center’s administration team as they discuss expectations for a successful school year.

Home Schooled Student Enrollment Process


  • Contact our Career Development Facilitators to schedule a program visit at 616-447-2433.
  • E-mail the registrar Tricia DeShane to set up a time to complete the enrollment form.
  • Please provide the following information when submitting your completed enrollment form:
  • A Birth Certificate (the certificate will be viewed but a copy will not be retained).
  • Proof of Residency (2 pieces).  This can be a driver's license, utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement.
  • Custody agreements or restrictions if applicable (a copy of these documents will be retained).
  • Enrollment will be confirmed in early May.

Home School Enrollment Form

Posted Grades/Report Card Dates:


  • October 25th (Quarter 1 grades posted)
  • December 28th  (Quarter 2/Semester 1 grades posted)
  • March 21st  (Quarter 3 grades posted)
  • June 6th  (Quarter 4/Semester 2 grades posted)

Link to a the video to help you create your PowerSchool parent account


General Information:

Main Office Hours

6:30 AM - 3:00 PM Monday - Friday

Session Times

1st Session: 6:55 - 9:10
2nd Session: 9:15 - 11:30
3rd Session: 12:00 - 2:15