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How can we help you? Our primary role is to ….. Help our students and visitors DREAM!

In reality, our goal is to help you find your career interests and ultimately best program “fit” here at KCTC! If you become a student here at KCTC and love what you are doing in your program, chances are you will find that this will become a part of your career plan and could be a start to a very fulfilling and successful future! We get over 4,000 students requesting visits each year and we only have 2,500 seats total within the programs we currently offer. So, figuring your program of interest out fast and correctly is important, so you don’t miss out! We assist you, your school’s counselor and/or your homeschooling parent, as a part of your support network, in landing in the right program and identifying your career goals. We have several ways to do this…..

2021-2022 KCTC Virtual and In-person Program Visits

Since we anticipate visits to be offered both virtual and in-person this fall: Join us for a one hour interactive virtual or a 2hour and 15 minute in-person session, to check out how your career interests fit into one of our programs. You will spend time with our Career Development Facilitators to hear all about KCTC as an option for you, find out which career pathways and ultimately which programs line up with your interests and what your next steps should be.

How do you sign up for a session? If you are a homeschooling parent, please call 616-447-2433 or 616-447-2434; If your student attends an area school, please contact/email the school’s counselor and they will guide you further in the process.



Community tours are provided for those citizens of Kent County School Districts who would like to get an inside look at KCTC. Often parents, business partners, and other educators, request the opportunity to come see our learning environment first-hand. This is your chance! Tour dates and times will be listed in our monthly updates to you, so watch for that! Please note that anyone wanting a tour must RSVP ahead of time. If there’s inclement weather and KCTC is closed, the tour will be canceled and notices will be posted with local area radio and TV stations.

Because parents are not allowed to attend program visits with their students (due to security measures), we ask your help in encouraging them to attend one of our two KCTC open houses or to reserve a spot on one of our community tours by contacting us directly for this at 616-447-2433

Yep that’s right! We call them deep dives because we help you “dive in” to discovering who you are and what you want to do after high school! If you are confused and a little nervous about what is next, once you become a student with us, we can assist you with individual career coaching to help you figure it out! We do lots of interesting career planning activities that help you look inward and also outward, at the world, to discover your best fit!

This is a lifetime service we offer all of our KCTC/Kent ISD alumni as well.

Although we are unable to offer community open houses or tours this year, we hope to be able to do so this fall. Please continue to check this website for the most recent information and potential dates.  

In the meantime, please refer back to the program tab on the website and check out the informational videos that have been provided for your viewing. 


Overall, our goal is to utilize current career development methodology and tools to ensure that every visitor has at least one step forward, toward their future, and current students have an action plan and get the skills required to begin activating that plan. This will support the students in entering the world of work and/or further their education when they leave us! We help them imagine and then can go DO IT! 

Want to know more? Please reach out to our Career Development team. We will be sure to address your request for information.

Post Visit Program Survey 

- Be sure to take this survey only after you have completed a in-person program visit and spoken with our facilitators.

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