Other Opportunities To Visit

School counselors and LEA partners will find information and links for their use below.


Biomedical, Aviation Maintenance, Avionic Electronics, and Precision Machining all have busses that shuttle the students from KCTC to their satellite classroom location for their visit. Please let your program visitors for these 5 programs know this. 

Transportation Instructions for Satellite Program Visits:

  • Students get off their high school bus (in Lots #1 or #5) and look for a shuttle bus in "Lot #1".
  • Shuttle busses are regular school busses marked with “Forest Hills School District” and are lined up curbside in Lot #1. Program Banners are hanging on posts curbside to indicate which bus is going to which satellite location.
  • Students who are confused should go into the KCTC main eating area (the Commons) and look for a table with a blue flashing light and a sign indicating “Satellite Program Visitors Here” for assistance. Security is also present in the parking lots to assist.
  • Students need to know the LOCATION of the satellite program they are visiting and tell the bus driver this destination by location, to confirm they are on the correct shuttle bus! Busses leave sharply at 6:55AM, 8:45AM, and 12 noon. (Examples: I am going to the downtown GVSU building where the Biomedical program is located; I am going to the airport for the Aviation program OR I am going to GRCC for the Precision Machining program).

The Online Enrollment (OE) system is used for scheduling your student for an individual in-person or vitrual program visit, for checking the attendance associated with that program visit, and for making enrollment requests. Also, you will find additional information about enrollment in KCTC programs. For any enrollment related questions, please contact, Stephanie Comer, at stephaniecomer@kentisd.org.

Signing your student up for a program visit using the OE system:

To sign your student up for a KCTC Program Visit, go to our website: www.thetechcenter.org/forschools/. The online program visits reservation system is currently available for scheduling virtual visits at this time. On the left side and middle of the page in blue bold letters, find “schedule a program visit.” Once you click on this, it will link you to the OE site where you’ll be able to register your students for their visit. If you are new to the site, follow the instructions to get registered as a counselor or someone who can schedule students from your school. Please contact us if your students have a difficult time deciding which program they should visit. It will be our pleasure to work with you and/or assist them in figuring this out prior to their time with us. 


Community tours are provided for those citizens of Kent County School Districts who would like to get an inside look at KCTC. Often parents, business partners, and other educators, request the opportunity to come see our learning environment first-hand. If this is you or one of your students' parents this is your opportunity! Tour dates and times will be listed in our monthly updates to you, so watch for this! Please note that anyone wanting a tour must RSVP ahead of time. If there’s inclement weather and KCTC is closed, the tour will be canceled and notices will be posted with local area radio and TV stations regarding KCTC's closure.

Because parents are not allowed to attend program visits with their students (due to security measures), we ask your help in encouraging them to attend one of our two KCTC open houses or to reserve a spot in one of these community tours by contacting us directly for this at 616-447-2450 or 616-447-2433.

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