About Us

KCTC and our team are committed to providing real life and real learning
for students in our community.

  • How can we help students discover their dreams here at KCTC?
  • What opportunities are there to explore KCTC programs?
  • How do you know if KCTC is right for you?

The purpose of our department is to support student development and the internal ISD schools’ enrollment. The Career Development team organizes individual and large program visits for students to explore the opportunities of KCTC; providing curriculum to support student learning and to provide proper program placement. It’s our job to ensure that every student visitor has an action plan for their future.

The career development team works to train and mentor, creating chances for students to lead by becoming ambassadors to new arriving students. Our goal is to help students navigate their career interests and set a strong foundation now to create a greater tomorrow full of opportunity. Career coaching is the core for student growth, guiding students towards achieving their dreams by giving them the proper planning tools they need.

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Andrea Reynolds
Career Development Coordinator
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Sarena Chandler
Career Development Facilitator
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Kara Frederickson-Borke
Career Development Facilitator