Quips and Quotes about IT at KCTC


"Now I know that I can have a career in technology whether it be in programming or even a help desk position."

-Former KCTC Student, 2017


"Great class and an awesome way to start your career in IT"

-Current IT Student


"KCTC is a place where students can get exposed to many different technologies which they might find out in the career field, and are given opportunities to build on their career employment skills, through job interviews, group projects, and independent learning.  There is also a strong focus to get students critical technology certifications, which will give them a great base for the careers they jump into, or the colleges they attend after high school. 
I have seen how it has greatly impacted students within the program, and really propels them towards finding a career they are interested in, as well as one that will support them financially.  As a past graduate, this program's experience has sped up my career development, and I am further along in my career because of it."

-Nicholas Kuncaitis, Standard Computer Systems, Inc.


I thoroughly enjoyed how this class prepares students for the real world, developing not only technical knowledge in class, but soft skills and basic career employability.  Just one year of this class has already cleared up the overwhelming fog of confusion I had before coming to KCTC regarding my future and what direction I want to take in life."

-Current IT Student


"KCTC students come to GRCC's CIS programs well prepeared and ready to ROCK our classes.  What's more, they usually come in with a bunch of college credits!  That's great for the students, as they can get their degrees faster, and move on to the workforce, or to one of our four year college partners.  They tend to be great students, and are a joy to have in our technology classes!"

-Andrew Rozema, Department Head, Computer Information Systems, Grand Rapids Community College


This class provided me with great opportunities for both independent and hands-on group learning.  Teamwork assignments were set up in such a way that the natural leaders could take the reigns and lead, and I appreciated that."

-Current IT Student


"I currently own and operate a successful e-commerce website thanks to the coding skills I  learned at KCTC's IT program."

-Former KCTC Student, 2015