Advanced Programming in C#

Computer Programming

The Computer Programming Class teaches you the fundamental concepts of computer programming like variable usage, conditional logic, and looping structures.  In this class, you will learn to program using C# but the fundamental concepts you learn can apply to any programming language you choose to use.  You will learn to develop console applications and build GUI applications.  You will learn Object Oriented Programming concepts.  And, you will learn how these concepts can be used to make a video game.  

Earning good grades in the programming class can get you articulated credits for Davenport University or Ferris State University or Grand Rapids Community College.  That means that you won't need to take as many classes to earn your degree.  It saves you time and money.  Additionally, starting in 2017, students can earn concurrent  enrollment credit for two programming classes; both at KCTC and at Ferris State University. The concurrent enrollment credits you earn at Ferris can transfer to any college you wish to attend. 

Better yet, earning good grades in the programming class gives you the opportunity to take the Microsoft Technology Associates in Software Development Fundamentals Exam.  When you pass the exam, you will earn real industry certification. That is just one more thing that gets you on the road to a great career.

To learn more, see this year's class syllabus:  Advanced Programming Syllabus.