Kent Career Technical Center Hospitality Early College & Fellowship

What is KCTC Hospitality Early College Fellowship?

The Hospitality Early College Fellowship program is an enrichment program open to qualified KCTC Hospitality students each year. This is a unique partnership between the KCTC Hospitality Program and  Hospitality Program. Students can earn both high school academic/elective credit, as well as, earning college credit towards an Associate’s Degree in Restaurant & Food Management from __________

Who is eligible to enroll into the Hospitality Early College Fellowship?

Eligibility for the fellowship is limited to students in the KCTC Hospitality program that wish to participate in classes. For example: a student beginning the hospitality program their junior year would return as a senior in an advanced hospitality class.  They then would have the option of a thirteenth year, continuing to work on their post secondary classes in conjunction with attending an advanced hospitality class at KCTC. Students who begin KCTC their senior year would have the option of returning for a thirteenth year as an adult student and continue to work on their post secondary course work while attending an advanced hospitality class at KCTC. Students who wish to be considered for the fellowship must be enrolled in the KCTC hospitality program during their 11th or 12th grade of high school.  They must also be a fully participating student in an advanced hospitality class during their 13th year.  Hospitality students who have obtained a 3.0 GPA in their KCTC hospitality program will be eligible for 13th year post secondary classes.  Students in post secondary classes must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.  Students failing to maintain a 2.0 GPA will not be allowed to continue with further post secondary classes offered through the fellowship program.

Can a Non-Hospitality or Non-KCTC student take _____ classes offered at KCTC?

Yes, however they will be required to meet FSU admission requirements and will be subject to all applicable cost of the class and the normal enrollment process.  Availability for classes will be open to KCTC students first, but FSU may allow students to join the class in the case of small numbers of KCTC students enrolling in the class.

What do I do to enroll?

If you meet the GPA requirement, see your current KCTC Hospitality Instructor for more details and complete the program application. 

How is tuition paid? 

Student tuition is paid by Kent ISD for __________ classes only.  Books are also supplied by Kent ISD.  Students who damage or lose their book are responsible for payment to the Kent ISD for the cost of book replacement. 

What will my schedule look like as a KCTC/Early College Fellowship student?

Your 13th year schedule would have you in an Advanced Culinary or Pastry Arts class either first or second session depending on when those classes are offered.  During second and third sessions you would be eligible to take General Education classes from GRCC (macro classes, at your expense) and ___ (restaurant management classes).  Typically a 13th year  student may have a schedule like this: First Session Advanced Pastry Arts or Advanced Culinary Arts. Second Session GRCC classes in English and Psychology, at your cost. Third Session  Restaurant Management classes. Typically GRCC  classes will meet twice per week in a Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday format.  Fellowship students may enroll in one or two classes each semester from GRCC  as well as their advanced KCTC class. 

If I am going to be pulled out of my KCTC class for the college classes, will I be required to complete the work I missed?

Yes. You must complete all hospitality program requirements.

Is there a limit to the number of students who can enroll in the Hospitality Early College Fellowship?

Currently, the enrollment is limited to the individual class size determined by _______ and the classroom or lab size.  Only one section of each class will be offered each year.  Classes will repeat on an annual basis.   

Can I take any __________ classes offered?

No. KCTC Hospitality students are restricted to taking pre-determined dual-enrolled classes in the ____ Restaurant & Food Industry Management Certificate and Degree tracks. Students who meet admission requirements and wish to take ____ classes either on the Grand Rapids Campus or the Big Rapids Campus may do so at their own expense and without restriction from the fellowship program.  Students will be required to go through the normal on campus enrollment process for FSU and would be responsible for all costs associated those classes. 

____dual and concurrent enrollment classes taught at KCTC include:

  • Food Sanitation & Safety (HSMG 113)
  • Menu Planning & Nutrition (HSMG 114)
  • Principles of Cooking & Baking (HSMG 127)
  • Purchasing for Food & Beverage Operations (HSMG 211)
  • Hospitality Cost Controls (HSMG 215)
  • Banquet Management (HSMG 228)
  • Dining Room Management (HSMG 229)
  • Industry Hospitality Internship (HSMG 292)