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College Credit

Health Careers - College Credit

Students that successfully complete a Health Careers course may earn college credit. Some of the agreements we have with local colleges and universities include:

Grand Rapids Community College

  • GH107 Introduction to Healthcare (2 credits)
  • GH110 Medical Terminology (2 credits)

 Baker College

  • MED 103 Medical Terminology (4 quarter credits)

Ferris State University

  • MRIS 102 Medical Terminology (1 credit)
  • CCHS 102 Safety (1 credit)

Davenport University

  • CISP 112 Comp Foundations (3 credits)
  • HLTH 230 Healthcare Law and Ethics (3 credits)

Courses associated with Biomedical Technology & Research program

Concurrent Enrollment with Grand Valley State University

Students must have a cummulative high school GPA of 3.0 to enroll in the Biomedical Technology and Research program.  After quarter 1 (first 9 weeks), students are evaluated for admission to GVSU and admitted upon recommendation by the BioMedical instructor.

  • CMB 180 Future of Innovation in Health Sciences - 3 credits
  • CMB 150 Biotechnology and society - 4 credits

Courses associated with Diagnostics and Sports Medicine & Therapies programs

Concurrent Enrollment with Ferris State University

Enrollment as a Ferris State University student occurs during program sign up.  A 2.75 cummulative GPA is required for enrollment.  Students must submit test scores (ACT, PSAT, etc.) during the application process.

  • CoHP 101 U.S. Healthcare Systems - 3 credits
    • Students new to Health Careers programs are enrolled in this course first semester
  • CoHP 102 Safety Issues in Healthcare - 1 credit
    • All Diagnostics program students are enrolled in this course first semester
  • HCSA 120 Introduction to Healthcare Management - 3 credits
    • Health Careers students returning for select programs are enrolled in this course first semester. CoHP 101 is a pre-requisite course for the HSCA 120 course.
  • ISYS 105 Introduction to Micro Systems-Software - 3 credits
    • All Diagnostics program students are enrolled in this course second semester
  • MRIS 103 Medical Terminology - 4 credits
    • All ​Sports Medicine & Therapies program students are enrolled in this course second semester