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HOSA Regional competition held at Kalamazoo Valley Community College on December 7, 2018.  One of the largest groups of students representing KC/TC in recent years.  46 Students from the HSECA programs competed against peers in a variety of contests with great success as 27 students qualified for the State competition at the Amway Grand Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI in March 2019.


Results from the regional HOSA competition 12/7/2018


1st Place Gold Medal

Isabel Albaitis - Knowledge Test Nutrition
Daniel Campos-Loera - Medical Spelling
Autumn Hannik, Alyssa Jesses, Athly Onate, ALysabeth Richards - Creative Problem Solving (team event)
Camryn Murdock, Morgan Nauta - Originial Medical Innovation (team event)

2nd Place Silver Medal

Angelo Blanco - Dental Terminology
Nicole Borst - Knowledge Test Nutrition
Kaitlyn Droge - Medical Reading
Master Brewer - Medical Spelling

3rd Place Bronze Medal

Corrine Solomon - Dental Terminology
Diana Roth - Medical Spelling
Dallas Brower - Sports Medicine

10 Ten Placement

Betartherline Gwion - Medical Math
Kevin Le - Medical Math
Payton Spencer - Nursing Assisting
Marijane Morse - Nursing Assisting
Abigail Walcott - Nursing Assisting
Robin Straight, John Elijah Valeros - CERT (team event)
Clay Linsom, Cameron Pohl - CERT (team event)
Leah Briggs, Tessa Reeves - Forensic Science (team event)
Lauren Harmon, Ellie Ingraham - Health Career Display (team event)


Medical Reading 8th Place
Hannah Alveshere

Medical Innovation Existing 7th Place
Kameron Malmstrom
Samantha Carmean
Carli Millar
Mady Schrot

 Past HOSA National Competitors

Student with medal2015 State HOSA
Gold Medal Winner
Medical Spelling

picture of students with medals

2012 State HOSA
Gold Medal Winners
Medical Reading