Health Sciences Academy Instructors

Yvonne Alles

Diagnostics Program


Carolyn Blake

Diagnostics Program

"There are so many different health care professions for students to choose from; I really enjoy providing them an experience with the diagnostic professions that they might not otherwise have considered.  They help me stay current with the diagnostics industry because they ask such great questions and show interest in learning."

Christie Chapin

Therapeutics Program

"My favorite thing about being a teacher is the relationships we get to build with the students due to the time they spend with us and the impact we have in helping them choose their life careers.  They are a huge blessing and joy in my life and I love what they teach me every year." 

Donna Sanders  

Therapeutics Program

"I love to see the students exploring Health Careers and telling me what their area of interest is.  Also, once they complete the program some students have returned to tell me what health programs they are in at the college level and how the Health Sciences Early College Academy prepared them for it."

Kathleen VanManen   

Career Tech Specialist

"I love building relationships with students and seeing them excited about what they are learning and how it relates to future career options.  It is exciting when the students "see" how what we teach will actually make a difference in the care they may provide in their futures as health care providers.

Russ Wallsteadt

Biomedical Program

"It is my pleasure to watch and guide high school students to an amazing future health career including college selection, first GVSU college credit, and always impressing me with bright, new 5 year career plans.  What a gift to see them shine."