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College Credit

What is DIRECT college credit?

Direct college credits are granted to students by the university, not Kent Career Technical Center.  Courses are taught concurrently by credentialed professionals in the same manner as they would be taught on the college campus.  As  direct credits they transfer to other State of Michigan public universities and colleges that participate in the in-state transfer agreement program.  Students submit a request from the college for a transcript of courses and credits awarded.  Students that are able to participate in two years of the HSECA programs can accumulate up to 14 direct college credits. 

Direct College Credit Cost Savings

Participation in the concurrent enrollment is free for students.  The concurrent enrollment format allows students to obtain transcripted credit from these universities as part of their health professional career and technical education program.   At  the close of the 2015 - 16 school year, 153 HSECA students earned 1,065 direct college credits thru the HSECA program partnerships.  Using approximate tuition cost for one credit at $425, each student saved $2,975 towards their post-secondary education costs and did not incur costs for room and board, lab fees, or textbooks.
Students that are able to attend 2 of the HSECA programs, as a high school junior and then a senior, can earn up to 14 transcripted college credits; up to 7 per program.

Direct College Credit course offerings


How will my college credits transfer?

Use the Michigan Transfer Network to research how college credits may transfer from one college or university to another.   Confirm all transfer credit opportunities with the college academic advisor. 

Use the transfer credit information found at the Michigan State University and University of Michigan school websites to explore how direct credits may transfer from Ferris State University and Grand Valley State University.




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