This is an image combined from three separate pictures. The left side is a male engineering student with a beard, wearing a blue shirt. He is working on measuring an existing part with calipers and recreating the part in the Solidworks CAD program as shown on the dual computer monitors at his workstation. In the middle of the image, two female architectural students are sitting at a table with architectural models they have built in the foreground. They are discussing their architectural projects. At the far right of the image, a young man in a camouflage jacket is removing a 3D printed model of a house from a large 3-dimensional printer.
High School Credit

Engineering and Architectural Design - High School Credit

Students who successfully complete this course are eligible for the following academic credit:
            Math: 2 years completed = 1 credit
            Science: 2 years completed = 1 credit
            English Language Arts: 2 years completed = 0.5 credits