Design Lab's "LAB"

Our lab provides the tools and space for students to explore, create, design, invent, and explore.

With each new project our lab is reborn - from electronics and soldering to a woodshop to hands-on energy exploration. 

3D Printing

Students have access to a variety of 3D printers and various technologies such as fused deposition modeling (FDM) on our dual-color FlashForge Pro models or laser-based stereolithography (SLA) on our FormLab Form 1+ model.  Students go beyond just learning how to design and create parts for 3D printing.  They are involved in every step of the 3D printing process including maintenance, repair, and set up. 

Students can monitor their prints in real time using our live-stream feed. 

Student-issued Laptops

Each student in Design Lab is issued a laptop to use for the year.  The laptop travels with the student to other schools and to home.  This laptop is loaded with industry-standard apllications such as

  • SolidWorks - computer-aided 3D modeling program used by professionals around the world
  • Adobe Premiere - high-end video editing software used to create production-quality videos

Electronics & Soldering

We recently upgraded all our soldering equipment and students have access to a wide array of electronics from components like transistors to Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  Wood TV 4's Maranda featured Design Lab on a segments in 2016.  You can see Design Lab students teach Maranda how to solder in our lab.


We have a wide variety of powertools and equipment for wood-based projects. Students construct items like bean bag toss game boards.  

Other topics include:

Sesors and Experimentation Equipment - use how to use data aquisition equipment to conduct an investigation.  Use your knowledge to explore the Lamberton Creek Headwater and collect water quality data. 

Energy Exploration - explore fuel cells, hydrodynamics, biofuels and heat transfer using hand-on equipment to explore these important concepts. 

Robotics & Drones - learn how a robotic arm operates, use computer code to pass instructions to a robot, build, test and piolet a drone.