Jim Wayner

Hello my name is Jim Wayner. I have taught in the Applied Construction program at KCTC for the past 10 years. This year the students in my classes are learning building and carpentry skills while completing the renovation of a home for Habitat for Humanity. Next year they will build a new-construction Habitat home as their class project.

Industry experience/background

I have always had a strong interest in both building and in teaching.

Immediately after high school and during college I worked in commercial and residential construction. After college, I taught in a high school in Yokohama, Japan. Returning to the U.S., I returned to building first as a homebuilder, then moved on to commercial and industrial construction work. In that industry I worked as a carpenter, foreman, supervisor, subcontractor and contractor, and had the opportunity to work on some interesting construction projects in New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska, North Carolina and Michigan.

Coming to KCTC gave me the opportunity to teach what I enjoy doing most.

Special professional interests

I have an interest in architecture, passive solar construction and active solar design. I am interested in energy efficiency and how alternative energy can supplement or completely meet the energy needs in a built environment.

My favorite thing about being a teacher

What is gratifying I think for all of us here is seeing students empower themselves with knowledge and skills. Having former students come back to the center and share with us their successes and the direction their careers are going is also a real benefit to working here.