Autism XR - Student Project

Autism XR - The next evolution

You can click the picture below or click here to view the current evolution of the Autism XR project. This project is the continuation of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow project that the 3D program worked on during the 2017-2018 school year. This application is created by high school and college students with guidance from industry professionals.

Information about the Autism XR application

The current version of the project allows the user to create a web-based augment reality environment and work through lessons that teach specific social behaviors and interactions. 

Autism XR uses the webXR platform which allows users to experience augmented reality environments on their mobile device without downloading device-specific applications or equipment. The application is easy to use and provides the user with a safe environment that they can practice social behaviors and interactions. 

The application monitors eye contact, personal space, voice recognition, and will soon have machine learning for emotion and facial expression detection.

Please contact Marc Petz for any questions or information about the project/product.


2018 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Video Submission

You can click the picture below or click here to view the 2018 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest video submission. The 3D animation students were selected as one of the 10 national finalists and participated at the final pitch event in New York City, NY on April 2018.