Application Info

Program Application Information

Students who wish to attend the 3D program:

Must be a high school Junior or Senior in good standing

Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher grade with good attendance. 

Submit a portfolio of 5 to 10 finished pieces of work. The emphasis is on the ability to finish a project which is an important skill to have in the 3D animation and gaming industry. Your artistic skill and ability is not a primary focus for portfolio scoring but still is one of the judging categories that is considered towards the overall score.

Complete a short essay and explain in your own words why you want to be in the 3D Animation Program and the reasons you feel you should be accepted.

Portfolio Information

As part of the enrollment process for the 3D animation and Game design course, a prospective student will be required to submit a portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of the fundamentals of art design, digital media, 3D animation and/or game design.

Your portfolio must contain 5 to 10 finished pieces which may include drawings, 3D modeling, animation in 2D or 3D, game, web or graphic design, any type of print media or any other works that you feel demonstrates your abilities. Your work just needs to be your BEST work and it needs to be finished work. Limited seats are available and a portion of the selection process will be based on the quality of the portfolio submitted.

Please do not submit software specific files. Only submit image or video files.

Click here for the portfolio rubric.

To submit a portfolio and essay

Please click here to navigate to the portfolio and essay submission Google Form. 

If you have any questions about the enrollment process you can email 

2019/2020 Submission Deadline

Open enrollment has started for new students who wish to attend the 3D Animation and Game Design program at KCTC! Speak with your counselor about enrolling into the program!

Applications and portfolio submissions are due March 14th! Please make sure to have your portfolio/application in before the deadline!