Jacob Bandstra

Hello!  My name is Lynne Sargent.

I have been employed by Kent ISD since 1985. I was a paraprofessional for the first 9 years and have been teaching in the hospitality department ever since.

Industry experience/background

 I was a student in the hospitality program at KCTC! I graduated from high school and worked in industry for 4 years. I was hired by Kent ISD to work in the hospitality department as a paraprofessional. After beginning to work with the students, I realized that my dream of becoming a teacher could be possible. I started to attend college and continued my education by going to school at night. I attended Grand Rapids Community College, and graduated from Ferris State University.

My favorite thing about being a teacher

My favorite thing about being a teacher is getting to know my students.  I enjoy teaching students new things, challenging them to be mature and make wise choices, helping them decide on a career path and guiding them towards post secondary (college) options.

My favorite thing about KCTC

Kent Career Technical Center gives students the opportunity to investigate a career before entering college, which is the greatest asset to enrolling at KCTC. Students also have the opportunity to meet students from all over Kent County.


B.S.   Ferris State University, Wage Earning Home Economics
M.A. Western Michigan University, Counseling Education

If you have any questions about the program please e-mail me at Lynnesargent@kentisd.org