About Hospitality

Students in this program learn beginning hospitality and culinary concepts and rotate through areas including dining room service, quantity cooking, baking, sanitation, and travel/tourism. In the second year, students learn specialized skills in several fields. With our own kitchens, restaurant, cafeteria and bakery, students experience a full range of hospitality careers.

Advanced Culinary Arts

  • Prepare everything from hors d'oeuvres and canapés to soups, salads and entrées
  • Sauté, chop, broil, fry and braise your way through the kitchen

Advanced Pastry Arts

  • Prepare bakery goodies like tortes, decorated cakes, breads, bagels, doughnuts and cookies
  • Maintain a baking facility and learn baking industry procedures

Hospitality Fellowship

  • Post-secondary year for more in-depth study of Culinary or Pastry Arts
  • May be taken as 2nd or 3rd year of hospitality
  • Concurrently enrolled in Ferris State University

Key Highlights

  • Run the school restaurant and bakery and cater special events
  • Cook and bake in a commercial-grade kitchen
  • Earn college credit starting your second semester and throughout the program



project highlight frame
The first ever cupcake war competition had two advanced baking classes compete against each other. The students designed their own cupcakes and display. The two groups went head to head at the Fall Open House and the public judged the event.

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