Bryan Goike

My name is Bryan Goike. The 2016-2017 school is my fourteenth year at KCTC. I teach Health Careers Exploration for juniors and seniors from all of our sending schools in Kent County. I feel that KCTC is a great place for students as we are able to teach hands-on as well as visually and spoken. I enjoy working with students with diverse backgrounds and experiences. These experiences enhance the learning offered at KCTC.

I became a Certified Athletic Trainer (A.T., C.) in 1987. I had volunteered in my high school for three years working with my peers with injury prevention and taping techniques. I attended the University of Michigan where I was fortunate to work with the sport teams there. I attended both the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. I was awarded two Big 10 Baseball Championship rings.

After college I worked as an Athletic Trainer for Tiffin University and then managed a fitness center for Ford Motor Co. in Metro Detroit. In 1992 I started working for the Detroit Tigers in the minor leagues with the future Tigers. I spent a year in Fayetteville, NC, followed by two years in Lakeland FL and then two years in Jacksonville, FL. The last four years of my Tiger’s career were spent in Grand Rapids with the WhiteCaps. I was again fortunate to be with winning teams as the teams I worked with made the playoffs eight out of my nine years and won two league championships,

In 2001, I began working toward a teaching degree from Grand Valley State University and finished in the spring of 2003. I was awarded a Secondary School Teaching Certificate with a Biology major and minors in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physical Education. I started at KCTC in the fall of 2003. I then earned an Interim Occupational Certificate for secondary education.

 I reside in Belmont. My son and I share a Plothound named Bo. My son resides with his mother and tries to visit both of us whenever he can. I like to attend school events that involve my students. I coach 4-6 year olds who are beginning to wrestle during the winter.  If there is any remaining spare time I like to read, play cards, and play games.                                      .