Aviation Electronics - Partners


Business Name


Mr. Adrian Chene is an avionics
technical representative at
Duncan's Battle Creek (KBTL)
location. His duties include traveling worldwide troubleshooting aircraft technical systems! As an advisory committee member, he is a guest speaker throughout the year on topics like future air navigation systems (FANS) and maintenance interface computing.

Mr. Ed Ensink is a partner/owner at Mayday Avionics just 800 ft east of our classroom at Gerald R. Ford Int'l Airport! He engineers avionics updates to business aircraft. He is also the BOMB with a digital multimeter!



Mr. Tom Meier is the Director of Maintenance at Amway's corporate hangar at Gerald R Ford Int'l Airport. As a premiere business jet operator in the USA, and advisory committee member he advises the class on current and future industry trends. He is also one of the professionals who will be administering your evaluations twice per year!

Mr. William Tramper is the Field Engineering Manager at L-3 Avionics Systems. He travels abroad frequently consulting with L-3's military and business customers. As the advisory chair for avionics, he guides the direction of the program and administers evaluations twice per year!