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Benefits of Being Multilingual


*Studies show that knowing how to speak more than one language increases mental flexibility.

*People who speak a second language tend to score higher on verbal standardized tests, and in math and logic skills.

*Bilingual / bicultural people maintain a strong sense of their own identity while developing sensitivity towards other people and cultures.

*The ability to speak two languages or more can give a person a head start in competition for college and jobs.

Be PROUD of your multilingual abilities : Make certain to include this skill in résumés, scholarship essays and job or college applications. List all of the languages you can speak.    

  VALUABLE IN ANY CAREER (haz clic!)  People who speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Swahili, Haitian French Creole, Chinese, Arabic, Nepali, and more are needed in every career field.  People with multilingual skills are needed in police work and in the courts, in health careers, in manufacturing, in agriculture, in restaurants, in accounting offices and communications.  Develop your skills in reading, writing, and speaking a language other than English.

  Interpreters can earn upwards of $25 per hour starting out!  Many colleges and interpreting services offer courses in professional interpreting.  You can become certified as a legal or medical interpreter.  Here at KCTC we offer a 30-hour short course Introduction to Health Care Interpreting to start you on that path.