Embedded Math Credit

We're piloting an exciting new development to help expand opportunities for students to receive their required math credits and be able to participate in CTE programs. Beginning in the fall of 2014, every KCTC program now has either a half or a full math credit embedded in its curriculum.

We identified 14 different math modules that apply in some way to nearly all businesses and industries. These modules were developed by Kent ISD math consultants and CTE instructors. The modules range from learning about and converting units of measurement, to reading and interpreting charts and graphs, to establishing budgets and tracking costs, to understanding and calculating profit loss and gain.

Each of our programs has selected 6 of these modules that align best with their industry and integrated them into their curriculum. Instructors have even customized the modules using industry specific concepts and scenarios that professionals in their field encounter in the workplace.

Students earn the math credit through a combination of testing and application of the concepts.

Here's how it works -

  1. Students take a pre-test to determine their familiarity with the concepts in each module
  2. The instructor formally presents the math concepts throughout the year
  3. Students apply the concepts and calculations in project and lab work
  4. Students take a post-test to formally measure their knowledge of the math concepts

Students will be expected to score 70% or higher on the post-test. Those who score below 70% will receive additional support from their instructor and from resources in the Edify LMS. They'll then be able to retest to improve their score. The math credit will be included in each student's overall course grade. As always, credit is awarded at the discretion of each district according to their policies and procedures.